Sunday, October 4, 2009

The One with the Rally

I bet you thought my laptop broke! Alas, we've been on the road for almost a week! It's been great fun. We're now headed home and boy are we pups tired.

First we traveled to NJ to visit with papa's parents. And for a little celebration!

We also stopped by papa's brother's house and met his family. Cali loved going on walks with Connor and pulling him on his skateboard!

After visiting papa's family, we headed to PA for the WDCU installation rally and to visit with some of our Airstream family. Papa surprised mom with a huge banner announcing their special day!

Lots of pictures of the trip here, including papa's visit with some old college friends and Phoenix with her new boyfriend, and pictures of the rally here!

We're stopping now for a bite to eat in the Argosy before continuing on to home and chores. Being able to stop for a rest and meal in the trailer en route still seems so cool to the two-leggers! And us too - we get left-overs! Be sure to come back tomorrow to meet Wally and Stella! Let's just say, I figured out what a Duck Dog is! Quack... quack.




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