Saturday, October 31, 2009

The One with the Fire Chief

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Being the youngest, Phoenix and I got the hand-me-downs. I wore Cali's Fire Chief costume and Phoenix wore the very appropriate Little Devil costume, which Ginger reluctantly donned a few years ago! Dr. Aunt Katie sent these when the two-leggers first moved to the park. Aren't we cute? Cali got a brand new costume... the former table cover came out of storage and is now a lovely ghost costume! Mom dressed her last because she thought Cali would be antsy during the photo shoot. Not so. She sat as still as a statue. I guess because if she moved the eye hole shifted and she couldn't see so she was very careful!

I love my costume! I even ran around looking for my nemesis while mom was getting ready. (Sorry about the wet grass stains.) Phoenix was appalled that I'd prance around the yard in a cape, "What if Scruffy comes by?" Meanwhile mom was chuckling to herself wondering what people would think if they drove by and there I am in the driveway dressed up for Halloween so early in the morning.

I didn't care, it just meant we got our Howl-o-ween treats early. Got love the extra special photo shoot smelly salmon treats!

Even Stella and Wally got in on the festivities!

Okay, so I doctored that one. It was too hard to get the tiny top hat to stay on Wally's head anyway. Thanks for the Roxio Photo Show stickers, Rodger!

You should see the photos we couldn't use! Our hats kept causing all kinds of problems. Look at this sad face when Phoenix's horns fell off.

Mom's not a huge fan of the holiday. She thinks it's cute for little ones but she can do without all of the scary stuff! So she told me, "No scary monsters or such on the blog." But what's a Halloween post without a monster? So... a compromise: a monster being decidedly NOT scary.

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