Sunday, September 13, 2009

The One Where Emails Repeat

What a lovely weekend we had! The weather today was just beautiful! The two-leggers did some chores outside and we got to run and play in the grass.

We had visitors today too!

Some two-leggers say that often times young two-leggers who are new big brothers or big sisters want to be like their newborn siblings: sitting in high chairs, being carried, drinking a bottle - all things they have outgrown. I recently heard my mom talking to Dr. Aunt Katie that perhaps I have some of those tendencies. I'm not a baby!! Okay, I do like to sit in laps now and now I've taken to laying ON Baby Phoenix's pillow, as she does... Is that so wrong??

When papa left for work, mom sat on the patio while she argued with someone named "Outlook" on the computer. Finally, after many loud sighs, they made peace with each other. After this truce, I noticed that many of her emails were displaced from her folders and piled into her inbox so had to spend some time sorting through them. One email from 2007 in particular caught her eye:

Check out the link Ginger sent way back when (you'll need your speakers turned on)... it's interesting that, despite it remaining uncovered when mom cleaned out her email folders just last week, this old message surfaced after she spent so much of the beautiful day frustrated with her computer. Just as the frustration started to spill over into other tasks, Outlook recovered and presented some old messages. This proves that inspiration will find you when you need it and help put everything into perspective!




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