Saturday, September 26, 2009

The One with the Pedicures

PáPá celebrated his 84th birthday yesterday!! We all wish we could have been in Arizona to celebrate with him. I've never met him but have heard many, many wonderful stories from the two-leggers and from Ginger and Cali who have had great fun with him in the past!

For us, yesterday was a full day. We headed into the city to visit Dr. Mitchell. As you can see, we were anxiously awaiting her arrival.

It was a pretty quick visit. Despite her fall allergies kicking in and stirring up her asthma, Cali's lungs sound great! We're still keeping her on natural supplements for her arthritis, which is also good news! I am now, once again, legal. That is, current on my rabies vaccine. Mom neglected to get me vaccinated when I was due last month!! Can you believe that? I will have to personally put it in her calendar for next time. That's not until I'm seven... three years from now. I wonder if I'll still be blogging or if I'll have graduated to something more grand.

While mom and Dr. Mitchell got caught up and scheduled a visit and potential hike, we pups were getting pedicures courtesy of Tracy. I only screamed once. Mom happened to be looking over at us and swears no one was even touching me yet. I beg to differ.

Regardless, Tracy is our favorite vet tech. We all really like her - even Phoenix who tends to hide under the bench during appointments. Cali said she's enjoyed seeing her since her first puppy visit about eight years ago. I believe it too! Cali gave her about 47 hugs. These hugs were mostly when Tracy was busy with me or Phoenix. You know Cali! She loves to be loved! I secretly appreciate it. I'm not too keen on the attention so I'm perfectly happy with Cali being a hog.

In contrast to yesterday, today was a complete washout. In the morning, we kept mom company downstairs while she worked on both the laundry and organizing random areas. Then the rain began and we snuggled on the couch to watch some Big Bang Theory and do some computer work. By the late afternoon, we were all sleepy so took a very rare NAP with mom. Naps are not mom's thing so this was a real treat. I bet she's up late tonight!

This evening we have been trying various tricks to get Phoenix to go out to potty. That girl does NOT like the rain. Though she will tolerate it with her beloved raincoat. In the process of opening and closing the door, a stick bug made his way in to the kitchen. This is the second bug of this sort that the two-leggers have rescued from the kitchen and returned to the deck. We seem to have a few living around the deck and patio of varying colors and sizes!

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  1. Dear Zona,
    Glad you survived your visit with the doctor.
    I just wanted to tell you that isn't a stick bug, it is a very skinny praying mantis.
    I hear you're getting TWO Duck-Dogs soon?!!!



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