Sunday, September 20, 2009

The One with the Flowers

Greetings, blog followers,
both new and returning!

Yesterday was a beautiful day! The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the temperature was warm! Mom spent a good part of the day washing the siding on the house. Yet again, I don't understand some of the things two-leggers do. Regardless, we were able to run around the yard and enjoy another nice day.

That is until I was found guilty by association and banished to the house! Let me explain. I was minding my own business by one of the sheds when I became aware of some movement, I thought perhaps it was the weasel that has a nice home under there. My M.O. is to let out a single, half-startled, half-ominous bark. Well, maybe 70% startled and 30% ominous. I have been known to do this to alert the two-leggers to various critters passing through the yard. I then carried on with my perimeter check. Unbeknownst to me, Phoenix darted under the shed to investigate. After she returned repeatedly, she was scolded and we BOTH had to sit in the house for awhile. Sometimes having a little sister can be a detriment to my freedom.

Later she redeemed herself with mom when she pointed out this creature!

The consensus is this a harmless, garter snake. Regardless, we kept our distance.

Before long, papa was home from the best coast. We sat on the patio, while he and mom admired the pond and had a Caipirinha. Mom LOVES these drinks, which are made from Cacha├ža. (For my carb-concious readers, I should point out that my two-leggers usually substitute Splenda for the sugar.)

We pups played various games to entertain ourselves - chase was my favorite. Cali found a huge stick which intrigued her for some time.

Click play arrow to view the video.

As we enjoyed the evening, ET flew over our house. Papa said it was not a bicycle but an ultralight. I guess ET had to upgrade his equipment?

Papa left early this morning for work so mom did some housework and ran some errands. She came back with flowers!

While she was out, she found a sale on some bedding for Dr. Aunt Katie's room. She said she had grown tired of the floral comforter that was on that bed. This is curious to me. Let me illustrate...



Do both quilts not have flowers? Am I missing something? Oh well, I suppose it doesn't matter to me! They're both comfy. Phoenix gives it two paws up!

Time to close this post! We have to go inside and set the DVR to record the Emmy's so we are sure to catch Jim Parsons winning his award! Not to mention, Phoenix has dug a hole in our sandbox, aka: The Beach, so deep she's hard to see now.




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