Friday, September 18, 2009

The One with the Catch Up

Another weekend is here and there is no sign of camping in our future. :: sigh :: Mom promised there is a trip on the horizon but I guess it's not soon.

In the meantime, it's been a quiet week. The two-leggers went over to the Crazy Cat Lady's house on Wednesday to view a video of one the neighborhood bears and were surprised to meet lucky #9.

This is Casey!!

Photo "borrowed" from The Crazy Cat Lady's blog.

Mom fell in love with this little kitty. I do agree with her that Casey is truly a lucky boy and is certainly cute, if not a little vain. I've never seen a cat holding a camera out to take his own photo. He's quite nimble! But love? I can't imagine that. He's a cat! My loyalty must lie with Miss Phoenix, who is secretly frightened of cats. Maybe that's justified - look at those nails! I must admit that I do think it would be a little funny to see Phoenix answering to a tiny kitten but don't tell her I said that!

Thursday morning the two-leggers headed to work so it was calm here. Our favorite pet sitter, okay our only pet sitter since mom wouldn't let anyone else do the job, came over to feed us and we played outside. It was a little rainy but we really needed it! We still need it the two-leggers say. Mom sent me a few pictures during her ride in to work.

I have to say the view of the sunrise is more beautiful here in the country than it is during her ride into the city but watching the sunrise is never a bad way to start the day. I suppose having the privilege of being able to go back to sleep afterward makes it's easier for me to enjoy it so much. Mom had to stay awake and continue on to work for the day!

Today was filled with hopes of winning the lottery while mom worked all day on various reports and statistics. We did get a few walks in so she could clear her head and stretch her legs. That was great!

Fall is officially here. Not only are the mornings chilly but the chestnuts are starting to fall!

We even spent some time on the patio when she brought her laptop outside. We had to go back in after awhile because the birds were too loud when she was on the phone. Not a bad thing to hear in the background, of course, but I guess she didn't want her boss to be jealous.

All-in-all it was a pretty good day. Phoenix was certainly tired. She found a blanket neatly folded on the guest bed and worked hard to arrange it into a suitable sleeping pad. I guess that will teach mom to put a blanket on the bed instead of straight into the closet where it belongs.

In the evening, we met a new friend. He was very brave!

No grasshoppers were harmed during the creation of this blog.


  1. That grasshopper sure was brave, bet he could jump real high!

  2. YES! When his photo shoot was over, he jumped straight up in the air and over the car! I lost sight of him after that. By the way, thanks so much for giving my blog a shout-out on Twitter! My cousin mentioned it to me. I've been lax about signing in to check my tweets. I need to do that more often... I miss my anipals!



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