Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The One with the Burial

Happy Wednesday! Only a few days until the weekend!! Yes, every day is like a weekend for me but mom and papa really look forward to those days so I'm happy.

Before leaving for work today, papa moved the Argosy around the driveway into the "on call" position and mom spent some time cleaning it out this afternoon. I'm told we don't have any trips planned this weekend but I did hear something about a hike on Saturday. I wonder if I'll be allowed to go with the two-leggers. I really proved myself this past weekend with my unending energy. Mom always worries I'll overdo it on a hike in the mountains. I guess I'll have to keep working on them.

Word in the neighborhood is that a bear made the rounds early last night but otherwise it's been quiet here in the country. The pool turned a lovely pea soup color while we were away. Mom is appalled! The chemical levels were perfect when we left. She shocked it just before pulling out of the driveway and we returned to this mess. It's too cold to swim in it now but she is struggling to get it back to normal before closing it for the winter. What a mystery!

Meanwhile, Cali is still loving the new bones I told you about. Last week mom saw Cali wander into the bedroom with it. Then for a couple of days, mom hunted high and low for the bone. She figured Cali had it hidden really well - maybe under the bed where she sleeps! But no, not there! Eventually she gave up the search. Then, the other day, mom called Cali in from outside and she looked up with a surprised look from the bottom of the deck steps... with a filthy bone in her mouth! Looks like Miss Cali sneakily brought the bone outside and buried it!! Here's a before and after look:




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