Thursday, September 24, 2009

The One Where Monkey Finds Out

Today was a disappointment. Not only did that screeching phone machine announce that I have to go see Dr. Mitchell tomorrow for an exam and my rabies vaccine, but my nemesis taunted me all day. He spent the majority of the afternoon blissfully snacking on chestnuts and gazing at me arrogantly through the glass. He sure made himself scarce when mom got home to let us play outside!

I guess the squirrels are all out and about collecting winter treats. This relative of my nemesis was hanging around mom's office window most of the day.

The good news is the weather has been wonderfully warm! The frogs in the pond have been enjoying the evenings. Can you spot his eyes reflecting the flash?

Well, I need to wrap this up early. We need to rest up for our outing tomorrow and mom is very tired - she had a three hour commute (one-way) and a stressful day preparing board reports and statistics. In comparison, I guess my day wasn't so disappointing after all!




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