Friday, August 7, 2009

The One with the Turn Around

Well, our plans have been canceled. It was a crazy Friday! Mom was very busy with work all day and then around 4:30 pulled the Argosy safely to the Walmart across town to meet papa. I helped by looking for tailgaters. Cali and Phoenix were no help.

We arrived right on time to find out that papa's flight was delayed, the line at customs was very long, the shuttle was late and Friday afternoon traffic was - well - what you would expect Friday afternoon traffic to be in the DC-area. He chatted with mom as he was driving home and mentioned that he bought a sandwich from the airport in London, while complaining about how hot the airport was. (I'm told that's foreshadowing!) He went on to say that he ate it an hour or two into the flight and was upset because it had mayonnaise on it. The fact that heat and mayo don't mix did cross his mind but he shrugged it off and finished his lunch.

Some of these details may be wrong - I was busy watching all of the action in the parking lot and Phoenix would bark in my ear from time to time causing mom to practice the usual routine: no-need-to-bark-at-every-moving-thing. Don't get me wrong, she is MUCH improved but certain people still cause that nervous barking! I digress.

Papa arrived and we began the trip. After about an hour, mom did some driving while papa tried to sleep off his intense bellyache, figuring it was from being awake for so many hours. As you can tell from the title of the blog, in the end we got about two hours away with four hours to go and decided to head home. Round 1 goes to mayo. Poor papa!

The silver lining is that mom got a fair amount of driving experience tonight, even nighttime driving! So that built her confidence a bit.

Okay, maybe not THAT confident. It's not like she's driving to work or anything!

As for the weekend, I think we'll just hang out and help papa recover. The two-leggers will probably float in the pool and mom already has a list of things to do around the house. Mostly the usual chores: laundry, trash run, unload the camper; but I'm sure there will be a fair amount of Facebooking and Mafia Wars interspersed. She's addicted!

Until tomorrow....




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