Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The One with Proof?

It's no secret that my two-leggers have become addicted to a certain Facebook game. I wanted to see what this was all about so I borrowed mom's account. I was browsing through her friends and look at what I found. I'm speechless.

Is she in cahoots with the enemy?

That's not all! I scanned her email box and found this, sent to her from Rodger! That dog sure was lucky! Mom and papa are always warning me to stay clear of my nemesis - it's good way to get an injured eye they say. Like this Lab, I don't want to hurt him. I just have a few questions, as I've mentioned: What is the view like from the treetops? Where can I order cheek implants for storing food? How does it feel to fly from tree to fence to shed? These, I fear, are questions that will remain unanswered.




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