Saturday, August 29, 2009

The One Where We are Home

We're home! It was a fast weekend but lots of fun!

We arrived at Westmoreland State Park on Thursday evening. We had the whole area to ourselves! It was lots of fun. Since it was deserted, Cali and I got to be off-lead a lot during our walks. I love that! My two-leggers walk too slow for my taste so I was able to run ahead to check things out.

Phoenix still has moments when her terrier instincts take over so she was on the long line. I don't think she noticed!

That night papa served Mahi Mahi and the two-leggers sat by the campfire. We pups took a snooze in the Argosy.

On Friday, we took a nice morning stroll and then mom and papa headed down to Fossil Beach. It was still a bit warm so we stayed behind. Mom was able to read a book and papa found many, many shark teeth!

They returned for lunch and then we all got to go for a walk down by the river. What fun!

We stayed at the river until the storm rolled in from sea.

Back at the Airstream, we hung out under the awning during the rain. It's not a family camping trip without a storm!

This morning brought more shark tooth hunting and a few more loops around the camp site.

Phoenix enjoyed a natural agility event!

Click on the play arrow to view video.

Before we knew it, papa was writing in the Airstream Travel Journal mom got him and then we were unhooking and headed for home! What a fast but great trip we had! Next weekend we're off to an Airstream Rally in NY. Cali is very excited... I'm... well, a bit nervous. Lots of two-leggers are expected! We get to stay a bit longer though, so that's good news!




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