Thursday, August 6, 2009

The One on the Eve of Travel

Good evening! Today was quiet: papa is away on business and mom had to work in the office. So Stacey came to see us and we played a bit. Otherwise, not much going on here. We leave tomorrow night for NY. Another state to cross off my list! We're heading north to an Airstream gathering. It's a fast one though - back on Sunday!!

I met some of these folks at the Cherry Blossom Rally in April....

...but I'll probably still be a little shy at first. Airstreamers are the nicest two-leggers so I'm not overly worried.

Mom will finish packing up tomorrow and we'll meet papa on the other side of town to save some time. We have a long drive, I'm told! My nervous-nelly mom is, of course, anxious about her measley 20 minute solo-drive. I'm sure it won't be a big deal. It's considerably shorter than the last time she drove and no highways! As long as she doesn't take out any mailboxes on the way out of the neighborhood...

Stay tuned, I'll post along the way! Off to bed now. We have to get an early start, mom has to work in the morning.




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