Friday, July 10, 2009

The One with the Return to Reality

It was back to the daily grind here. Mom had to work this morning. Luckily her commute was about 12 seconds. That softened the blow! We eased into the day, as she plucked away at the keyboard.

Cali and I inspected the perimeter to be sure all was well. Meanwhile, Phoenix took her post in guarding the driveway.

All seems to be as we left it on Sunday! Except for the baby birds. They are so big now that they can barely fit in the nest!!

Still not flying to mom's disappointment. She insists it would have been easier if they practiced while we were away considering their close location to the house.

While mom worked, papa played hide-and-seek with me. It's one of my favorite games, second only to chase! Unfortunately, papa had to work today too so the games had to end.

I took a nap to restore my energy while mom drove papa in to the office to pick up his car this afternoon.

Cali and I kept a close eye on her when she returned - she was running here and there putting things away after our camping trip.

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  1. Those baby birds are huge! They must be going to fly soon surely!



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