Friday, July 24, 2009

The One with the Night Swim

Friday passed quickly here! Mom worked all day but by the afternoon we were able to play in the yard and await papa's return from California.

We were SO good about not chasing this bunny. Mom was impressed!! Then Cali, the least likely of us all, broke the stay and we all took chase! Happily we put the brakes on after a few yards. Mom emptied the treat bag she was so pleased with our self-correction. Okay, maybe not completely self-corrected. She DID have to remind us to "wait" but still - it was a live rabbit!! We deserved those treats and belly rubs.

After dinner the two-leggers went for a swim. We pups got to hang out by the pool in our beach. As they were putting the pool cover back on, mom snapped a (poor) picture of the moon. There's something disturbing about this photo. Can you spot it?

By midnight, I was pooped but Cali was still ready to party!




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