Thursday, July 2, 2009

The One with My Anniversary

It is a special day! Four years ago, my two-leggers, after spotting my solemn cute looks on the internet, sought me out at a rescue event. When mom held me and wouldn't let go, the kind lady who worked with the rescue league told me I was a lucky pup. That's an understatement!

July 2, 2005

Can you believe I was this small?

How fortunate I am is even more evident to me now - four years later - as mom talks with a co-worker about his painfully shy puppy. She cries when her mom leaves the room, is afraid to leave the house on walks, dreads going into the yard to potty - a real cautious puppy. I was like that when I first came home. (See me lip licking under this bush? This was minutes after arriving home.) To be honest, I still struggle with anxiety but nothing like when I was a wee one. (I learned "wee" from my UK Twitter friends!) My heart goes out to this puppy who is currently traveling on a vacation with her new two-leggers. She's very nervous. I recommended some books and a website to her two-leggers so they can understand her feelings. But what helped me most was practice, practice and practice! Not to mention patience and love. There are always setbacks but my tw0-leggers are very understanding!

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  1. Happy Homecoming Day Zona!
    Anyone that knows your mom knows that you're one of the luckiest pups in the world!



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