Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The One with the Miracle

Things have been two speeds around here: stalled or full speed ahead! Monday and Tuesday both two-leggers had to work so our beloved Stacey came to visit us. That was welcome relief because it was booorrring - the fish are not as entertaing to watch as you would think! We got used to having mom or papa home with us all day. In contrast, today has been full throttle. Mom worked remotely and has been spending the last couple of hours finally tackling the chaos that we used to call the laundry room. It was spilling out into the hallway downstairs! I'm happy to report that it is now back to normal, though we're taking bets on how long it takes her to fold the laundry she did today.

This has all been interspersed with trips out to the Argosy. Looks like we're gearing up for another camping expedition! Cali is beside herself with excitement. Poor thing bounces around like we're headed out today every time mom opens the camper door. If she's not sitting by the Argosy, she's standing on the deck looking for papa who is away at work.

Something strange did happen today. Mom made herself not only a healthy breakfast, which she ate on the patio this morning while we ran about enjoying the day, but also dinner. Sure, papa walked her through it but still. It was an amazing sight! On the menu was baked Mahi Mahi, grilled squash and peppers from the garden (reheated) and garlic bread. I took photos as proof! The dishes did not photograph that well - both look rather bland and colorless but mom seemed happy!

Now I'm off to see if she can fix us a tasty dinner before she starts folding those clothes! I'll keep you posted on our camping plans.




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