Friday, July 3, 2009

The One with the Leisurely Day

Last night the two leggers went to another home game in town. The game went 11 innings, making it a late night, but the home team did win in the end! That means 99¢ appetizers at our local Applebee's today! Unfortunately, papa hasn't been back there after their first visit so that isn't too exciting here.

This morning was beautiful! We pups played in the yard while mom and papa enjoyed breakfast on the deck.

"Look mom! I can fly!!"
"I spy my nemesis."

Jungle Phoenix

Waiting for sheep?
"Is it time to go yet?
How about now?
Are you ready?
I'm ready.
Is it time to go?"

Mom might not quite be ready but the camper is! Look how shiny! (Thanks, Rodger!) I bet papa will get some great reflections in the pictures of the Argosy when we arrive in NC!

I will put together some before, during and after stripping photos at the beach. (Historically, that phrase brings a lot of hits to my blog.)

Before papa left for work, he introduced mom to "Mafia Wars" on Facebook and that will sum up most of her day! Okay, I joke. But just barely! Luckily the game has a way of forcing rest periods so we were able to enjoy the yard and slowly start to get ready for our camping trip.

See Mr. Greenface?

One of our many dragonflies! The two leggers are very excited about how many visit the pond!

I don't have any updated pictures of the garden. It IS progressing but mom has to get out there and take care of the weeds before I can take a suitable picture. Too many projects going on at once she says. I thought about suggestion less time playing games or reading articles online but it was a little too close to dinner time to offend. I digress. The tomatoes are coming along, though still green, and we will soon have many green peppers and squash!

As you may have noticed, I like to segue smoothly from topic to topic when I can. However, there is really no opening for my next sentence. Look at this super cool moth that hangs out on our deck at night!

And, of course, a baby bird update. I wonder if they'll learn to fly while we are safely away on vacation!




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