Saturday, July 18, 2009

The One with the Guests

Our long awaited guests arrived on Wednesday!! It's been a whirlwind of action here so I haven't had a chance to update my loyal readers. The two-leggers and Cali are currently headed to the drive-in to take in a couple of movies--- correction, papa and Aunt Katie are going for the movies, mom is going for the popcorn. That leaves me, Phoenix and Mesa home to catch up on our cutey-sleep. Wednesday started with some cleaning and making the guest bed. Phoenix always lays under the beds when mom is doing this chore. She generally goes halfway under and seems to think her whole body has cleared the bed. She's a little like the Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz.

When mom taps her, those little feet pull in!

Click on play arrow to view video.

Then she likes to test out the softness of the beds to ensure mom did a proper job!

Notice she's without a collar? She had to have a bath that morning. She found some excellent deer presents! Mom just doesn't understand our need to perfume ourselves before we have special guests.

Cali took a ride to the airport to pick them up on Wednesday. She LOVES road trips even if most of the time is spent in the car!

Waiting for luggage...
"This window to watch the taxis is Cali height!"
Thursday mom and Katie ran some errands, while we waited at home with our jailed cousin.

They came home with something they're calling "Wii." The Wii Fit has a special balance board, that talks to us in a high pitched voice. Apparently it's a lot of fun, though it makes the two-leggers sore. They say that's good. Odd! Mom even boxed dad and knocked him out each time! Who knew?

We pups are growing tired of it. They're constantly bouncing around the living room. We have to dodge their every step! I even got whacked in the face with the controller once. Bad mom! And look at Phoenix's sad face.

Making funny faces to get mom to take us back outside... though I JUST got out of the bath thanks to perfume. Cali, your turn!

I can't help myself. It has been beautiful outside this week!!

Phoenix discovered (and was afraid of!) scat by the fence line. Mom and papa suspect the bear might be coming by to snack on all of the blackberries by the shed and along the fence.

Sure smells good in that area!

"I love being outside!"
Back inside, Mesa gets her medicine in special meatball treats. Aunt Katie gives us all a taste. Yum!!

When they had to leave on Friday for the traditional shopping afternoon, Phoenix offered to do time with Mesa. Or was staking claim on her old crate! More likely, she wanted the treats offered upon entry!

They were gone most of the afternoon...

But were home in time for dinner and more Wii!

Mesa is fun to have around but she gets angry with me when I try to play with her or anyone else! I guess I'm scary. Me!! Zona!! All dogs love me. I get so confused. I just sneak off to my crate when she's overwhelmed with me. Luckily that's not often!

Our Tiniest Visitor

Well, I better get to sleep! They should be home from the movies soon and Cali will tell me all about it! I'll post again soon! Tomorrow the two-leggers are going to play Wii, I'm sure, and then go bowling at the local bowling alley. Then there is talk about a baseball game but I'm not clear if that's a REAL game or this ever present Wii! I'll let you know!

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  1. Zona I miss you and the gang already - did you notice in the meatball pic that there is an orb - G was there too!! Cool!



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