Sunday, July 19, 2009

The One with all the Bowling

Cali said the trip to the Drive-In last night was lots of fun!

It was a busy night with lots of movie goers! She loved watching the people next to her, not to mention the nibbles of pizza crust and popcorn! The two-leggers watched The Hangover, which was surprisingly good according to mom, and Terminator. Well, papa saw it. He was disappointed by the ending but liked it overall. Mom dozed during the last half and I think Aunt Katie slept through the entire movie. A double header makes for a late night!

Thus today they all slept in a bit - ugh! So boring! I love getting up early and taking a morning stroll in the yard. So many things to smell after dawn. Eventually, they woke and fed us a nice breakfast. Then they were off again! This time they went to the bowling alley. Mom's amazing luck on her birthday many months ago must have been just that - birthday luck. She did not do too well! Guess her Wii Bowling practice does not transfer to actual bowling.

After bowling they stopped to pick up a "cleaning crew" for the saltwater tank and a fish for the freshwater tank, also to help with cleaning. Who knew fish were so messy? The lighting was slightly adjusted in the tank to help the hair algae problem. Once it's resolved, mom will consider another coral for the empty space. Exciting stuff over here, right?

Mom is back on the Wii doing her Wii Fit workout, papa is on Mafia Wars, I'm blogging and Aunt Katie is reading about vampires. We're a house full of geeks! I love it!




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