Sunday, July 5, 2009

The One Where They're En Route

Ahh... technology - this puppy loves it! I'm writing to you from the car on the way to the beach. My two-leggers tell me we have about an hour to go! First on the agenda - sleep. Papa has been up for a very, very long time!

Last time he brought mom not only pretzels and chocolate but also a Kinder Joy egg. These are not available in the US because a small toy is packaged with an edible treat. It's certainly cool though!

We got up early this morning to do some last minute chores before traveling. One of these was to feed the fish and corals. The sunburst has really settled in to the tank nicely.

We checked on the baby birds under the deck.

Then we packed up the remaining items and did the pre-departure walk-around. As mom began to circle the Argosy, we added another reason to the "why should you inspect the trailer before towing" list: there might be a turtle under the tire!!

The rain sprinkles kindly cleared up just before mom started the truck and we were off... like a herd of... well turtles, as papa says. Mom drove us about 65 miles to papa's office, where we met him (with perfect timing, by the way!) and continued south. Mom was nervous about her leg of the trip - her maiden voyage. She has been running through all the steps and possibilities in her head over the last couple of days. I'm pleased to report we did fine, despite another car meeting us when we were halfway up a steep, narrow hill on the way out of the neighborhood! Yay mom! I'm going to sign off now. We're driving through some cool beach towns and papa has his window open - lots to smell here in the back seat! More tomorrow!




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