Saturday, July 11, 2009

The One where Mr. Heckles III is Sick

Today was a lazy day. Mom cleaned out the Argosy and that was about it. She felt very tired so we all just cuddled with her. Phoenix has suddenly taken to resting on my living room pillow - Mesa-style.

While lounging around, mom noticed that the Sebae clownfish were playing with the anemone!! That's a no-no. This is a still from a too-shaky-to-post video. The big fish was pulling Mr. Heckles III all around and we saw bits of yellow flying through the tank. Mom now has the anenome sequestered in a breeding container to see if it can recover. Cross your paws!

In other wildlife news, the baby birds are still in the nest - mostly.

Cali found some "evidence" that a critter has been under the deck - cat? possum? We're not sure. Mom is now wondering if we should set up a makeshift door with the extra lattice to offer some protection - another sequester setup?

We also discovered that the pool became a little cloudy while we were gone last week so mom treated it. It's not too far gone so it should be clear as can be soon. Hopefully by tomorrow when papa gets home but by Wednesday for sure, when Dr. Aunt Katie and Mesa arrive.

After checking in on the birds and the pool, we took a walk around the property. My nemesis is here every day now AND his little sidekick, Alvin, torments me every morning. That chipmunk sure is fast!




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