Monday, July 13, 2009

The One Where Heckles Dies . . . Again

Unfortunately the sequester setup for Mr. Heckles III did not help. He has croaked. He made it six months - that's a record for us! Mom says she's finished with anemones for now but she and papa are going to the pet store tomorrow to restock the cleaning crew and get a few fish for the fresh water tank so we'll see what else they bring home! Maybe a coral or feather? The two-leggers are hesitant to get another fish since the existing fish all get along so well but you never know what will strike them! I'll let you know what tomorrow brings!

Mom went to work early this morning. I cried.. loudly. I got used to her being home with me every day! I think she got used to it too because the two and half hour ride to work brought her back to reality with a jolt. I soon realized there was nothing to be upset about because papa was staying home with us! I love papa time. We hung out all day!

I checked on the birds under the deck. The ground is covered with stone under their perch. Mom is wondering if she should pad the ground a little so they don't have such a hard landing on the rocks if they should "fall" out of the nest. For now, still no flight! Boy, do they look ready though! (And they're making a bit of a mess down there!)



We had a full day!

Though Phoenix and I are pooped, I think Cali still has energy to play!

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