Thursday, July 9, 2009

The One Post Mini-Vacation

Wow! Time at the ocean flies! I intended to post during our mini-vacation but the connection was only so-so and, frankly, I was so distracted with fun beach things that I didn't get on the computer much. We're now on our way home and pleasantly exhausted. We had a great time!

The last hour of the drive south on Sunday was harrowing! It was pouring rain and the puddles on the road were huge! Papa pulled the trailer with ease, though we all breathed a sigh of relief when we arrived at Camp Hatteras around 10:30. We checked in and mom and papa set up the site in the rain. We relaxed a bit and fell into a deep sleep around midnight. That was short lived! Around 3:00 a.m. we were jolted away by a raging storm: constant lightening, booming thunder, sheets of rain and, most alarming, VERY high winds. We slept through it for the most part but mom and papa talked about it in the morning and both admitted to wondering if we might blow over with some of the gusts! The weather after that was beautiful!!

We saw several pods of dolphins the first morning when we were walking on the beach. Papa estimates there were at least 50 dolphins swimming just off shore that morning! Unfortunately, they're as camera-shy as Miss Cali and not a single picture captured their fins!

Speaking of Cali, her tail could serve as a GPS beacon for the beach. Whenever our walks take us near the path to the sand, her tail really wags!!

It was too warm for us during the day but we got in some beach time in the late afternoon, when it was cooler and less crowded. Since it was crowded, fishing mid-day was a no-go so the two-leggers spent a lot of time jumping waves in the ocean. One day, mom spent most of the time being beat up by the waves since the undertow was working against her. Click here to see some pictures of our trip! (If you click on the first photo, it will enlarge and you can scroll through all of the photos.)

By the way, Phoenix did AWESOME resisting the urge to bark at the beach. Drastically improved, I'd say! Mom's proactive approach has really helped. Plus I think Phoenix remembers visiting in May so it was familiar.

No videos of us playing on the beach this time. It was too crowded. Next time!! We'll be back for papa's birthday for sure, unless we can sneak away sooner.

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  1. Tell Mom & Phoenix, "Good job."

    (I'm sure you helped most of all.)



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