Thursday, June 11, 2009

The One with the Toys

Mom left before 5 this morning in heavy fog. After I turned the driveway motion light on, I went back to bed for a spell. It turned out to be a fun day! Papa was home - still stripping! Getting ready to buff and polish!

We supervised from the deck most of the day. And, of course, were available for moral support during papa's breaks! Late in the afternoon, we had a brief rain storm but the sun came out as mom pulled into the driveway, though there were still droplets on the flowers.

It was pretty muggy and the gnats are back with a vengeance, so we spent the evening inside. The two-leggers played lots of games with us. Look at my silly grin as I collected some of our toys! Notice all of those intelli-toys? Those are mine. I'm the master of puzzles around here!

The thunder is starting up again - time to unplug everything lest we get zapped again!




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