Saturday, June 6, 2009

The One with the Stripper

Wow! Is it Saturday already? Time during the summer just flies! Yesterday was another rainy day so not much to report. The deluge is sure making it easy to keep the gardens watered though. And I have evidence that, under rare circumstances, Princess Phoenix CAN be seen outside when it's drizzling without her infamous raincoat. Not that she enjoys it or wastes any time getting back inside.

Cali, on the other hand, doesn't mind the rain one bit! Ironically, though, she hates baths.

Papa was off yesterday and today. In celebration we ordered a house favorite: PIZZA. (I wonder how many times I've mentioned pizza in my posts.) On this topic of not-so-good-for-you foods, the two-leggers took Miss Cali out with them last night when they went to get frozen custard in town.

Backseat driving...

Cali places her order...

They brought little bits of cone back for me and Phoenix so we forgave them for leaving us behind. Look how fast my tail was wagging!!

Now that the rain has let up for awhile the two-leggers are seemingly at War with Weeds. I'm told this is different from the War on Drugs.

I helped mom with laundry today. It's hard to keep her on task sometimes.

Phoenix was on duty while she was deep cleaning the refrigerator. Mom called her a micro manager. What other kind of a manager can she be?? She's only 20 pounds!

Papa's been diligently working on stripping the Argosy.

Click play arrow to view movie.

In the afternoon we all joined him during break time.

Who is that lounging out on the lawn
waiting for dinner?




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