Thursday, June 4, 2009

The One with Simon's Cat

Greetings, Blog Fans! Today was pretty boooorrring if you ask me. Papa worked on stripping the Argosy between rain showers and the rest of the time he kept us from chasing my nemesis
who was coming to eat the cherries on our tree!

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Mom came home from work and showed me some cute videos on YouTube though so that was fun! I
know Crazy Cat Lady will get a kick out of them, even if she's seen them before! (By the way, the sounds in these short videos makes Phoenix a wee bit crazy! Hahaha....)

Speaking of my friend Lisa, I will remind my mom to collect the plums and now cherries to bring over to Paddy the Beaver. Papa keeps saying he'll be pruning the Bradfords but the Argosy always jumps in line. Tsk tsk... impolite Airstream.




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