Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The One with the Router

As you may have noticed, I did not post yesterday. I checked the online weather radar during what is coming to be our usual evening thunderstorm and settled in for a snooze. Mom says I can't be on the computer during a storm. After my nap, I thought I'd post about our day when - What? Cable is down? Nope. Router was fried during an apparent lightning strike which came through the cable line. The cable modem was fine - even held the IP address! - but next in line: the router - dead. Happily all of the techie-stuff mom has behind the router were spared. Thank you dear departed router for sacrificing your life so mom wouldn't lose her mind and papa's cash replacing everything we have plugged into the router.

I sent the two-leggers out immediately to buy a new router. While out running my errands, they stopped to have dinner out at one of their favorite places. They didn't get home until close to my bedtime. The router was up and running in no time but I was too sleepy to post by then.

Mom worked most of the day yesterday and papa was en route home from California, so it was a quiet day. Stacey came to play with us and serve breakfast. We haven't seen her in awhile since the two-leggers have such unusual summer schedules!

Today both were home with us, which we LOVE! Mom worked but it was nice to cuddle on her feet. Papa is making progress on the Airstream. It's almost completely stripped now! Just a little more to do and then on to the detail work of some of the tight spots and the stubborn bits of paint. Then buffing, etc. etc. He finally found a paint stripping product that works very well minus its tendency to eat through the gloves and burn his skin off... minor detail he says!

Phoenix spent most of the day fascinated by something under one of the bushes in the yard. Cali and I checked repeatedly but we didn't notice anything unusual under there! Or in the greenhouse garden, which is starting to bloom!

The frogs were out sunning most of the day.

They've been loving these rainy evenings!

Now that the rain has passed and the sun has set, we're setting in for a relaxing evening.

Keeping with the opening theme of this post, more techie-trouble! Papa just turned the -- correction -- papa just tried to turn the TV on for the first time today and no dice. At first we blamed the lightning that came through the cable line last night. Don't they have satellite, you ask? Yes but the unit has a fancy, yet virtually useless to us, feature allowing you to connect it to the internet and your home network. Alas, the TV was plugged in to the departed router and we worried it suffered the consequences. Papa is working on it now and, thankfully, is able to get the satellite feed periodically through different ports but not the main HDMI port... oy vey! At least it's not the TV itself or caused by the storm. Seems coincidental. I hope the tech trouble isn't traveling in threes!

I better go get some dessert ready as a special treat after all of this trouble! Until tomorrow, loyal followers...




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