Monday, June 1, 2009

The One with Odds and Ends

We got a disturbing call today while the two-leggers were at work. A reminder that Cali and I have appointments with Dr. Mitchell tomorrow afternoon!! Oh dear - we have to venture from comfort of home. I will let you know how the day progresses.

Speaking of venturing from home, the anemone moved from his usual location under the sand polyps to the front of the tank. No one is too sure why he moved but he looks good! He has embedded himself into the sand and is securely attached to the glass. All good things! At least he didn't move out of sight. I'll take some pictures tomorrow.

I have to shut down the computer - it's Monday. The Big Bang Theory is on tonight - yes, a repeat, but still enjoyable. Next month it will be on twice each Monday. As Phoenix would say, "Whoop, whoop!"

Meanwhile, our thoughts and prayers are with the passengers of Air France Flight 447 and their families.




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