Friday, June 19, 2009

The One with the Nemesis

He's been here all day. My nemesis. Evidently the plums are ripe. First he was here to eat all of the cherries and now he's working on the plums. That means he is just beyond the deck stairs all day. It's torture!! Mom was working and on the phone almost all day, papa was at work... and we were stuck behind glass watching him dine on fresh fruit all day. When we did get outside time, I sure did my best to spot him!

To make up for the lack of attention during the day, mom let us play in the tall grass at the top of the hill. It is so much fun! It's well worth the extensive tick checks post-play. Phoenix likes to pretend she's in the movie Field of Dreams.

Click play arrow to view movie.

It's a beautiful time here at the park!

Something I noticed while playing outside - the Argosy is in the usual pre-travel position.

I also heard papa say that I could check a few states off on my Where Have I Visited Map in my sidebar. The mystery continues . . .

As far as the trailer is concerned, the stripping is complete! Now it's on to polishing!

Meanwhile, mom replaced my crate pad today. I took some time investigating it before giving it my stamp of approval.

Even Phoenix checked it out...

Mom's tried this once before with a different cushion, one similar to my lovely, fluffy nighttime bed, and I refused to go into my crate. And I LOVE relaxing in my crate periodically during the day, if I'm not lounging on the couch or the two-leggers' bed. This time I gave her the okay since this time it's exactly like the original pad but she's still hanging on to my old, ratty bed in case I change my mind, as I've been known to do! I guess she doesn't understand I like one type of bed for sleeping and a different type of bed for relaxing. The old one was just fine in my opinion but it was a little worn down - okay a lot worn down. I'd pretty much flattened the padding from overuse and it has a small whole in the middle from a couple of puppies who will remain nameless but are probably familiar with two Arizona towns.

Speaking of Phoenix and Mesa, we'll all be together again in 26 days! I'm a wee bit excited about the visit! On that note, I think I'll turn in for the night so that I can say 25 days until I see Dr. Aunt Katie and her barnacle.




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