Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The One with the Lioness

I am writing to you from ... :: drum roll :: ... a lovely campsite in Jersey!

It's an interesting coincidence - we happened to run into papa's parents here! They live in the house! Last night the two leggers all went out to dinner to celebrate Father's Day. That was just as well, we pups were exhausted from the excitement of travel!

On the way here, we passed through Pennsylvania, which meant a stop at Yocco's of course!

Today the day started with a few casts of the rod.

After a hearty breakfast of fresh eggs (courtesy of the Crazy Cat Lady - thank you!) and some bacon, potatoes and toast, papa and Rodger have been diligently working on the Argosy - buffing and polishing all day! (Though mom did allow a brief break for some delicious Jersey cold cut sandwiches.) The camper is really looking shiny. I can admire my reflection with ease now.

Mom had to work in the morning but took us on a few walks during her breaks. There are SO many smells here.

Mom said there's even a bear that lives here! She's relieved that we haven't seen her yet but I wouldn't mind catching a glimpse of her and the cub. The two-leggers "joke" that the bear might kidnap Cali thinking she's one of them!

I DID get to meet Ginger's friend The Lioness! Cali met her as a puppy but they didn't seem to remember each other.

Little Phoenix has been a bit nervous! You can't tell from the shaky video but her hair stands on end around the statue! Watch how she gives it a wide birth when she walks around it...

Click play arrow to view video.

In the evening papa grilled up his famous steaks, which we brought from our butcher shop back home.

I'm still waiting for the leftovers!

We rounded out the night with some fishing at the campsite's secluded pond.




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