Monday, June 8, 2009

The One with Dixie Too

One of my favorite sayings, thanks to Papa Michael: today was the best Monday I've had all week!

Mom was home today and the rain stayed away so we took lots of walks and played fetch. Mom got more accomplished today than she has in the recent past. So maybe the fog has lifted and her motivation will be back to stay! It was a pretty good day!

We met Dixie Too a new friend of Miracle and Delilah - she was a little shy. She started to come right over to mom but then caught sight of us trailing behind her and stopped in her tracks. Maybe she's not used to dogs? I'll win her over eventually!

Click play arrow to view movie.

Inside mom repotted some plants.

Also on that plant cabinet are a couple of nests we've found on the ground. One even had remnants of a hatched egg!

Meanwhile, we waited in line for a potty break.

So back outside we went! The vegetable garden is starting to grow. We already have some blossoms on the tomato plants. The two-leggers can't wait for the first harvest!

After running around a bit this evening, Phoenix resumed her perch on mom's legs to keep an eye out for my nemesis. No luck but we did see him frolicking about this morning. Tomorrow is another day . . .

Well, I need to cut my blog short tonight. Mom has to get up very early tomorrow so I'll be on duty to turn the driveway motion light on for her before snuggling back in bed until a more decent hour. We stayed up late because, even though we have Tivo, mom insisted that we watch both epsiodes of The Big Bang Theory despite being reruns. They were funny though, so I can't complain! In fact, we have one of the DVDs from the first season playing as we're getting ready for bed.

Before I turn in, I should address some blog business. I've had a few questions as to how Cali receives her the treatments for her airway disease. The inha1er is attached to a chamber, much like a baby would receive a treatment. This one is called AeroDawg, specially made to fit over a dog's muzzle. So far it seems to work pretty easily!

After her first treatment, Cali was rewarded with a Frosty Paws icy treat. We were not. :: sigh :: I'll spare you the photo of us watching in disbelief from inside the house. Oh well. I guess she does deserve it for being such a brave girl! Tonight she was gifted with a Greenie. Mom gave us rawhide munchies this time so that was a treat!




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