Saturday, June 27, 2009

The One with Country Fun

Today was a quiet day here in the country. The day started with the now routine task of changing the sheets, which turn pink and chalky overnight these days, much like the goop mom has on her poison ivy rash. We did a few chores and were then visited by the Crazy Cat Lady. She generously brought over fresh eggs and blueberries straight from her garden! Miss Phoenix is a fan of blueberries but mom only gives her one or two at a time. Come to think of it, I'm not sure of a food Phoenix won't eat! Cali and I have more selective palates... mostly.

The grass in the daisy field is as tall as me now! I love charging through it. I often run through it like a deer would with high jumps. Mom missed it in this video but you still see how much I enjoy feeling the grass on my back.

Click play arrow to view movie.

The tick check after these play times are intense. Mom netted a total of three ticks yesterday - just from me! The wildflowers are in full bloom around here, both in upper field by the sheds and by the green house.

Disclaimer: I have it on good authority that
behind the flowers (choking out the flowers
I should say), is a blackberry bush -
not the dreaded ivy.

Well, time to turn in for the night. Papa comes home tomorrow! I wonder what treats he will bring for us this time....

I will close today's post with this: we have baby birds under our deck! Momma bird built the nest in a very protected place so it's difficult to get a good photo - maybe as the babies get bigger it will be easier.

Click picture to enlarge.




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