Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The One with the Catch Up

I apologize for my blog hiatus. I've been so busy this week! These two-leggers need constant supervision. Like this:

A few questions have been coming up lately:

How is Mr. Heckles III? The latest anemone is going strong! This is a little over four months now. A record in our tank! I will send pictures in a future post.

How are Cali's asthma treatments going? Well, she doesn't love them, I can tell you that! She's getting used to it though - it only lasts 10 seconds after all and she always gets a yummy treat afterward. We won't know for a few weeks if it's beneficial, mainly opening up those tiny airway passages!

Is the garden ready for harvest? No veggies ready to be harvested yet but I do spy with my little eye some green tomatoes!

Papa has been busy this week! He's made LOTS of progress on the Argosy. He's also done some chores around the house, car maintenance and pruned many of the trees!

Meanwhile, mom has been busy with work! She has an important meeting tomorrow and has a second meeting in the afternoon. The good news is she said she won't be back to the office for over a week after that! Hmm... That's interesting because combined with papa mentioning a few things he has to do to the Airstream tomorrow "to prepare," causes me to suspect we might be going on an impromptu trip! I'll keep you posted on that.

The two-leggers got the monthly care package from Dr. Aunt Katie!! It came with a cool magnet, which mom collects. It's a LIVE cactus. She's not great with plants but cacti are so low maintenance she's had good luck with them. There was also some reading material, including an article on a woman with seven adopted dogs! and the final issue of the Tucson Citizen. There were also a couple of cool things for the camper.

The BEST items though were a bag of treats, which Mesa can't have (allergies). Unfortunately, Cali is allergic to those too so it's all for me. And, I guess, my sidekick. Cali didn't mind one bit though because there were two toys from Mesa and Molly. Cali loves her hand-me-down toys from our cousins!

Click play arrow to view video.

Cali is a great big sister. She shared her toys with me.
Even though she DID watch over me very closely.
Phoenix got bored waiting for her turn so found a stick to play with until mom noticed.

It was a good day!




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