Saturday, June 20, 2009

The One with Alvin

It is confirmed! We are going on a trip in the Airstream. Where we are going is still a mystery but we all jumped in the big truck and mom drove from it's spot on the hill to it's position in front of the camper. Looks like we're getting close to the day of departure!

We spent the day divided between watching our Arizona family on the web cameras and supervising mom's chores. She said she has to get everything out of the way so she can run errands and organize the camper tomorrow. Mom took some time looking around the Argosy making notes, while Cali and Phoenix sniffed around to make sure everything was just right. I smartly sat outside - it was 90 degrees in there!
Between this heat and rain, the weeds are overtaking us once more.

I have exciting news, while I was waiting for my crew to finish up in there, I noticed that we not only have my "friend" the squirrel dining on the plums but also a tiny chipmunk. Unfortunately, mom spotted him just before I did and distracted me from investigating. I think little Alvin may live in the cedar next to the plum tree. I will certainly keep you posted on future developments.

Like my nemesis, I have questions for Alvin too! For example, does he know what happened to chipmunks between the 1980s and present day. Evidently, they used to be significantly taller - up to a grown man's knee. Now? Barely the size of my paw!




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