Friday, June 26, 2009

The One with all the Pills

Wow! It's Friday already... we traveled home yesterday. I'm pleased to report that Phoenix made it to NJ and back without getting carsick! :: applause :: Though she was helped with pharmaceuticals. We hope to ween her off soon. Cali loved the ride, of course. She loves to see knew things and the chance to meet people. I hate both of those things. Luckily we didn't meet anyone but I was nervous. Whenever papa would get out of the car, I would cry and whine until he returned. I figured if he got lost, he could follow the sound of my voice to fine his way back to the truck!

It must have worked because we arrived safely at home yesterday afternoon.

The two leggers unloaded the camper and then immediately jumped in the pool. Mom was hoping it would help ease her poison ivy woes. It did not.

This morning she woke up with twice the rash. No fault of the pool but still alarming. She headed to the doctor's office today, causing the doctor to gasp and promptly call in a prescription. At least she was able to identify how and likely why it's spreading so much! She came home with pills (though she's afraid to take them), creams, soaps, oatmeal baths - tons of stuff. Cross your paws for her! (I'm sick of hearing her whine about her itchy spots!)

Papa went back to work today. We miss him - it's nice having him around every day. Alas, I do like food in tummy and a roof over my head so I guess he does have to go to work now and then.

Before he left though, he gave us a lesson on TweetDeck!

Yes, you do see THREE computers in this picture.


  1. Dear Zona was it my imagination or was Rodgers fish bigger that your Poppas?

  2. Haha.. could have been! I'm not sure, as they were thrown back into the pond and not cooked up for my dinner and firsthand comparison!



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