Sunday, May 3, 2009

The One with the Orbs

I have some good news. For the last couple of days, I have NOT drooled or been itchy! I'm still staring at the carpet though.

The first two minutes are of me simply watching whatever it is I'm seeing. I'm just not sure! If you fast forward to 2:09, I attempt to solve the puzzle but alas, no luck.

We've had a few suggestions: Hallucinations due to consuming suspicious weeds? Maybe, but this only happens in the living room and hallway. Dust? Likely, this place gets dusty so fast! But OCD Phoenix, who follows any light or motion has not noticed. Fleas? We've searched and searched but do not see fleas. Plus none of us seem infected. Something supernatural? Crazy! Right? Seizure activity? I pray not! Luckily my behavior doesn't seem like a "normal" seizure.

Yesterday, Phoenix was sniffing around in front of a flowering bush. Mom thought the bush was blooming beautifully and took a picture as Phoenix was running around. Take a look at the photo. Where Phoenix was sniffing in the photo now has a suspicious orb. Is it moisture in the air? Pollen or dust? That would be odd considering the vast number of photos mom took under the same conditions but maybe!

Papa has been thinking mom's a little cuckoo. But this morning he observed me once again watching something intently in the living room. He grabbed the camera as I got up to investigate. In this first photo, I'm checking out the couch. If you look at the carpet, there is nothing unusual.

In this second photo, only a few seconds have passed and I'm now looking at the carpet. Can you see the orb? Nothing has changed, as you can see from the reflection of the flash in the fish tank. Same lighting, presumably the same dust particles considering the shortness of the time elapsed... but it's still possibly a coincidence. I'll highlight my line of sight.

Now, we're not photography experts so this probably has a reasonable explanation but for now it seems odd! Mom is going to do her best to let it go when, several times a day, I seem to be watching an invisible show in the living room and just learn to accept it! At worst, the living room is very dusty or I've found an interesting patch of mushrooms outside!




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