Sunday, May 24, 2009

The One with the Happy Ending

Today started out on a not so good paw... I won't dwell on it but I will say that we woke up to someone in uniform ringing the doorbell. We're still upset about what happened next but for now I can tell you that mom argued with him on our deck for several minutes. That alone is upsetting because my mom doesn't argue with anyone! They eventually agreed to disagree and he said he came over unannounced because of some mailbox vandalism in our quiet, rural neighborhood overnight. This has happened before - usually around the same time of school year. Mom was not happy with two-leggers - young and old.

Anyway, the morning's incident slowed mom down as far as her weekend to-do list was concerned. But we all got extra love today, which I always appreciate! She will be home with us tomorrow in observance of Memorial Day so we should get lots done with the extra time!

Though the day started out negatively dog-wise, the end of the day was very pro-dog and balanced things out a bit.

Mom had a dog rescue transport this evening!

This traveler was an 11 month old Brittany Spaniel named Bummer. He began his travels yesterday morning in Texas and mom handed him off to his VERY happy forever family in Maryland tonight. They continued on to Connecticut. Mom took some pictures of Bummer and his new family. It's obvious he knew these were HIS two-leggers and where he was meant to be forever.

Mom said I shouldn't post the pictures of the family without the two-leggers' permission but Bummer said it was okay to post his pictures so here are some shots of the lucky boy!

"Another car ride... :: sigh ::"

"We're here! This is the stop I meet
my new parents, right?!"

"Home at last. I'm a lucky boy!"




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