Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The One with the Busy Day

FINALLY, I am able to get some time on the laptop. Mom has been working all day on almost-year-end statistics for a big meeting tomorrow! We mostly lounged around but occasionally glanced around for my nemesis. No sign of him today.

The weather was rather dreary but no rain. This is a quick video and a photo of the showers we had earlier this week, as recorded from the deck. If you listen closely in the video, you can hear one of our frogs singing!

Click on the play arrow to view movie.

This evening papa started the tedious process of stripping the paint off of the Argosy. In this first photo you can see the paint in the test area bubbling up after only a couple of minutes!

Some light scraping with a plastic scraper reveals the aluminum.

Ta-da... the early stages of a long project! Papa's goal is to have it stripped and painted before our next trip to the beach! The clock is ticking...


  1. First - maybe I don't know what frogs singing sounds like, but I heard NOTHING but rain

    Second - I am sooooo jealous of your rain. We rarely get rain - tonight looked possible but nothing. Can't wait for Monsoons!

    Third - Holy Crap Uncle Nick has a lot of work to do. Can't wait to hop inside your new traveling dog house!!

  2. Mesa, yep, I said you had to listen closely. Haha.. it's only one quick "croak" at the beginning of the video. I will go down to the pond this evening when they're all singing and record it for you. However, I hear you will be here this summer to hear for yourself. We can't wait!!!



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