Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The One Where the Sun Returns

As I write this, the rain is again coming down in buckets. But proof that the sun WAS out today and was, in fact, beautiful!
Look at these EARS!
Mom's favorite frog...

Alas, the rain started again just as we began to have dinner. Now we're waiting for it to calm a bit for our evening walk.

Cali settling in for a nap with her favorite toy -
a Mesa & Molly hand-me-down, of course!
"Did you just take a picture of me?! I thought that I sleep with toys was our secret?""Again with the camera, mom??"
What a Motley Crew! I have my post-shake squirrel-cheeks!
Phoenix looks appalled that mom interrupted her sqeak-a-thon with the training dummy. And, Cali - well, Cali has her usual Witness Protection Program camera face on...

Mom just interrupted my post to bring us all outside. We dashed out to take our walk, since the rain has stopped. We also stopped in the Argosy. Mom was going to put things away for the upcoming trip and started in the pantry, where she discovered evidence that a mouse had been in that very spot at some point! And on the shelf under the window... and who knows where else.

Now, even though that mouse might be long gone (we pups were all very curious about that closet though!), she left that camper so fast we didn't know what was happening! Mom can handle all sorts of bugs (ants, roaches, spiders - you name it!), even the dead creatures that have occasionally appeared in our yard (I plead the Fifth Amendment), but the threat of a teeny-tiny mouse and she packs up and heads out of town.

Now we'll have to wait for papa to return and clean out the Airstream, assuring her that there are no mice before we can resume setting up. :: sigh :: Thank goodness we've yet to have a mouse in the house! We'd have to sleep in the car until papa returned, I guess.




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