Saturday, May 16, 2009

The One on the Way Home

Well, we're driving home from our GREAT week in OBX! Let's see, where did I leave off? Oh yes, I sent out an update the first night during the rain storm. After my post we settled in to watch a little television before bed. So, the two-leggers were on the couch with Phoenix and Cali was at their feet, while I was settled in on the bed in the back. When mom glances down the hall in my direction and --- well, let me back up a little bit. You remember that just before we left we had a mouse situation, right? Well as mom was washing dishes, papa found a baby mouse outside by the tires. Coincidence?

Okay back to my story, so they're all tucked in watching Big Bang
Theory when mom glances down the hall and calmly (I swear) says, "Oh, there's another mouse in here." Before she finishes this monotone statement, Phoenix wakes from a deep sleep and leaps over Cali to dash down the hall. Within a matter of seconds, she caught the mouse, dropped it and passed papa in the hall to return to mom. The mouse, stunned by this quick action, laid there so papa could pick him up without incident! Cali and I had no idea that anything even happened this all went down so quickly. Mom and papa praised her for what seemed like days! They swore that if she didn't catch up to him so quickly or even see him at all, we would have all been tearing the place apart looking for this tiny mouse!

In the morning, when mom was setting up our doggy gate, she found two more baby mice sleeping in the mesh of the gate. I quote, "Oh, here are two more." What a long journey they had! Papa has since sealed up the suspected hole and we seem to be mouse free! AND mom feels a lot less nervous about mice after seeing them up close. We still don't want them in our home but they're nothing to cause the development of another irrational fear!

After that excitement, the week progressed quietly! Tuesday papa, Cali and I got up early to watch the sunrise on the beach.

A beach cricket even stopped to enjoy the sunrise.
"Papa, this is cool but it's SO early!
I can barely keep my eyes open and
poor Cali keeps yawning!"
There were three other Airstreams there and LOTS of dogs. There was also a cat that was leashed walked each day. There were rabbits and seagulls. Geese and ducks. Goslings and ducklings. Fish and stingrays. Dolphins! There was so much to see! Even underground apparently!

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And in the sky...

Fighter Plane

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I was a little nervous and almost had a conniption once or twice when mom was away from me but overall I enjoyed myself. We had a lot fun taking walks.

And watching papa surf fish for the first time.

Click here to view more pictures! (If you click on the first picture, it will expand and you can scroll through the larger pictures.)

We've already booked another trip for later this summer!




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