Monday, May 18, 2009

The One after the Beach

Well, things are getting back to normal around here! The two-leggers went off to work at an undogly hour and us pups took our usual long morning nap - something we didn't have time for on vacation! There was too much to see and smell!

After naptime, our friend Stacey came by to feed us breakfast and take us for a walk. So many things are starting to bloom. Mom will be excited that her peonies are starting to pop open!

The rose bush is heavy with blossoms again but I heard mom say that when they finish flowering, she'll prune it to get the size and shape under control. This bush grows like a weed! It was in terrible shape when we moved in and the petals would fall of if you looked at them so mom is happy that she's doing something right! We're not sure what it is but we have had a lot of healthy flowers for the last few years. Maybe mom's mom's green thumb rubbed off a touch on my mom!

If she couldn't inherit her talent in the kitchen, I'll settle for being able to grow roses, I guess. Though I'd prefer a good lasagna....

Speaking of green thumbs... Crazy Cat Lady and gardener extraordinaire Lisa told mom what this was called but mom promptly forgot the name. She does have another question about it... does this regrow on old growth? Or can she trim the old growth that does not have leaves yet? (Mom's going to try to be more active in the gardening this year! So expect more questions...)

Speaking of being more active in the gardening... she better get going on the side yard - Cali almost lost Phoenix!!




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