Thursday, April 2, 2009

The One with the Visitor

Yesterday afternoon Dr. Mitchell came to visit. She drove out here with her daughter who is about 15 months old and just started walking in mid-January. We had great fun! She was a little nervous about us at first so I laid low for awhile. Meanwhile, Cali made her giggle when she gave her a famous Cali-hug. And soon she was toddling amongst us!

Her dad is stationed at a base in California so she is fascinated with the phone. I, however, hate the phone so I kept my distance while she played with that.

She didn't seem to like it much when Phoenix would bark to entice her to play. I don't blame her. Phoenix can be very talkative. And loud! We all were proud of our Little Pig though. She's never been around someone so young. Well, none of us have! Ginger grew up around kids but we only know a few and they're all older than this little tyke. At least Phoenix didn't try to chase her like she does with another youngster we know!

I'm not sure what the fuss is about these little people but they sure have interesting smells! At dinner time she was very neat but graciously let a few bits slip to the floor as treats for us. That sure went a long way toward winning Phoenix over.

After dinner and a couple of walks, she did break out her medical bag for our booster shots. Apparently, Leptospirosis is making a comeback in our area so...

We quickly forgave her though - she did make the trip out this way, saving us the car ride, and played with us a lot! Plus we got to meet the baby and she stayed long enough that mom forgot to give us a round of baths. LOVE that!

The little one was starting to doze off around her bedtime so they packed up and headed back to town as the sun was setting. Dr. Mitchell made plans to come back up for a hike later this spring when the weather is more consistent. I'm looking forward to that! I love taking walks!




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