Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The One with the Mystery

Well, still no comments from my friends. I guess my readers are shy. That's okay. I can certainly relate to that!

Nothing to report today. It was a quiet day with some afternoon rain - again.

Most of the day was spent with mom peering into my mouth (yes) or pressing on my tummy. Let me explain. I've been hyper-salivating on and off over the last few days. This combined with my suddenly "itchy" muzzle (originally labeled as allergies) has mom suspecting something might be stuck in my teeth or irritating my gums. I guess she thinks my rubbing could be an attempt to dislodge something instead of simply being itchy. She's done some quick exams but will ask papa to look when he gets home. Fun times.

My face isn't as itchy today and the redness (Causing the itchiness? Resulting from the itchiness?! Which came first - the chicken or the egg?) has lessened. Mom is still concerned because, since I started with the excessive saliva, I've been studying the carpet as if I see something. Now I have Phoenix doing the same ... she watches me and then looks at the floor too. Haha - this is fun! Even more - mom has gotten down on the floor to look for small objects, fleas, anything. She's vaccuumed repeatedly... I still study the floor intently!

When I was a puppy, I had bouts of hypersalivation. I would eat bugs and then get really drooly. Or I would bite a tick off myself, produce a lot of drool and spit it out - incidentally, I would stare at the tick on the carpet until mom noticed and would pick it up. We're not sure what is causing this latest round but mom is suspecting something oral since it's lasting longer that the previous episodes. it isn't affecting my appetite though, so that's good!

I do have a very sensitive tummy and mom noticed a leaf from a Hosta plant in the driveway half eaten. It's non-toxic but could certainly upset our systems. Who knows what is causing my recent issues... You know my mom though - worry, worry and worry some more!

To be continued . . .




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