Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The One with the Limp

Today has been a strange day. We awoke to this:

Unbelievable! Alas, I knew the day would be a little odd. Mom has been dizzy all day. That is d-i-z-z-y. Not ditsy as someone suggested earlier. We suspect it's allergy related or, the usual excuse, dehydration. Needless to say, we haven't been outside much. However, we took an enjoyable walk after dinner. We all got back to the deck and mom called to Cali, who was at the top of the hill. Mom saw her start to run to us so she turned to the treat jar. When she turned back, Cali-bear was sitting at the bottom of the hill holding her front paw up off the ground.

We sat with her in the grass for awhile, mostly inspecting her leg and letting her rest. She limped back to the house and made it up the stairs using mostly three legs - for the promise of a Greenie, that Cali can move! Mom checked her over again inside and still didn't see anything but Cali has been licking her pastern joint (wrist) on and off all evening. She's still limping so mom is going to soak her foot in some warm water and Epsom salt to see if that helps.

During the inspection, mom realized that Cali has been getting too many free passes with her nail clipping. Cali HATES it. Her nails are long so that's on the schedule for tomorrow when she's hopefully not as sore. None of us enjoy it but Phoenix and I have ours trimmed like clockwork so we should be safe. Mom is just worried that maybe her dew claw caught on something.

I hope she feels better. We have another trip in the Airstream soon and I don't want her to miss out on all the fun!

Ginger's quick downturn is still fresh so mom's doing her best to not get irrational. So, meanwhile, I've been researching home remedies. I hope it's just a strain and she is back to normal in the morning. Stay tuned . . .




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