Sunday, April 19, 2009

The One with Great Friends

Despite the cloudy weather, the day has been very nice! The rain has held off, we got a few chores out of the way and visits from some of our friends!

After some routine chores, we went out to - this is not a typo - burp the fridge in the Airstream. You heard it hear first, friends. You can indeed burp an inanimate appliance. Mom and papa wrestled the 200 pound unit out of it's cubby in the camper and then carefully plotted a way to get it through the door and down the step without dropping it! When they got it into the garage, they flipped it upside down and the fridge did indeed burp! We're hoping this "reset" of sorts will fix the trouble we'd been having with it.

Otherwise, the day progressed rather quietly. Our friends the Crazy Cat People stopped by for a short bit. They were both worn out from working hard on the outdoor enclosure for Paddy the Beaver. You can check out the progress on Mrs. Cat Lady's blog!

We mostly meandered about enjoying the warm weather. I hear it's going to cool down tomorrow. During our walks, Phoenix couldn't figure out why this tree was watching her every move!

Things are continuing to bloom!

While Cali played with papa and a new toy, Phoenix and I went on weed patrol. Mom is REALLY falling behind.

The Weed Patrol

"Here's another one she missed."

As I strut over to tell mom to get back to work, I notice Cali anxiously awaiting a visitor!

A friend over stopped over with a gift! An angel statue for the garden! The statue is in Ginger's honor, of course. She told us that Ginger will always be watching over us so we placed it by our favorite area in the yard. Isn't she cute?? It arrived at a perfect time. We've all been missing Ginger a little more this week. Spring is her favorite season.




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