Sunday, April 12, 2009

The One with Gladys Cravitz

Happy Easter to all!

We have returned from our second camping trip in the Argosy. We had a lot of fun! I was nervous when we first arrived because there were no other Airstreams - only SOBs. We soon settled in to our new 48-hour home. There was rain predicted for both Friday and Saturday but only rained overnight Friday and just a touch on Saturday morning. Mom and papa were glad they were in the camper and not tent camping. It would have been a cold, wet night! But we were warm and dry. Saturday was a great day, though papa did have to take some fishing breaks on account of the wind. But that was okay - it was time for our lunch: steaks! Who said camping was roughing it?

The Easter Bunny paid us a quick visit this morning. He hid a few eggs and left some Peeps!

Speaking of Peeps, mom called me Gladys Kravitz all weekend. I was peeping out the windows at the other campers anytime the drapes were open!

Click here to view some pictures from the trip!

We arrived home and the two-leggers had a wonderful ham dinner for Easter. We each got a tiny taste and we all went out to play in the park. Cali's leg is fully recovered. We're still not sure what caused her limp but it seemed to be resolved within about 36 hours - but who's counting!




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