Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The One with the Explanations

Wow! My last post not only got a record number of hits but also generated some questions!

First - the lobster. When papa took mom and Ginger tent camping for the first time in Arizona, he was hopeful that mom would enjoy her first camping trip. So, he brought her favorites, including lobster, which has since been a longstanding joke. Thus, on the first trip in the Argosy - outside of a rally - they had to recreate the fancy meal. The three of us pups enjoyed the tradition!

The second question has been regarding S.O.B.s - Airstream folks have come up with this acronym to describe non-Airstream trailers: "Some Other Brand." The two-leggers sure get a kick out of it!

Alas, the camping fun is over for a few weeks. With the high winds, the fishing wasn't fruitful but papa still enjoyed "wetting the line!" It seemed to give him the bug. He's looking forward to fishing on our trip next month for his birthday.

Mom has been busy at work again. Two big deadlines this week! One was today, which is overflowing into tomorrow. And another is Thursday. Papa kept us company this morning until he had to leave late this afternoon for a couple of days. Needless to say, we can't wait for Friday! In the meantime, I guess we'll take out the poker table while the two-leggers are preoccupied!

This morning I played a great trick on papa! I have been in the habit of moving my squirrel toy to the sliding glass door. I'm trying to lure the outside squirrels closer. I stand the toy up in the window, as some of you have seen me do with my bones. Well, papa glanced over at the door and for several seconds stood in shock wondering how he was going to get a squirrel out of the house! He was embarrassed when he realized it was only my toy but mom got a good laugh since I've startled her before by standing it up in a corner ... these two-leggers are easily amused!




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