Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The One with Dr. Aunt Katie's Birthday


Katie is my mom's sister. Mom agrees with Sara Corpening - how do people make it through life without a sister? I know I would be miserable without my sisters!

This is the hardest birthday tribute so far. I have so many things to say. There are 28 years of sisterly stories and memories!

Mom and Katie have been forever friends. Sure, they would bicker as young sisters do. And their mom would say, "I had four brothers and always wished for a sister. The way you two are arguing makes me think maybe I don't want one!" This would always shock my mom into forgiving whatever irritated her in the first place because she wouldn't know how to function without her little sister!

Despite the three and a half year age difference, they depended on each other always. Together they would swim, play outside games and ride bikes (after mom taught Katie how)! On the rare rainy day in Arizona, they would roller skate in the garage. Roller skates soon turned to rollerblades. Rollerblades are not Katie's favorite. She broke her tailbone! But her big sister was there to get the skates off her feet as fast as she could when Katie yelled in frustration, "GET THESE OFF ME!"

Each summer they would fly together to Florida to spend a month or two with MáMá and PáPá. One particular summer, their mom flew out to drop them off and was sleeping in the adjoining room. She overheard them talking to each other and, when she started to tell them to go to sleep, she realized they were not making any sense. They were talking in their sleep but clearly having a conversation of some kind! Mom, of course, doesn't recall this but isn't surprised. She and Katie have their own language.

As time went on, they graduated into different levels of school, thus different campuses. They naturally had different circles of friends and even activities. They always remained close - they had to, mom was usually roped into delivering Katie's "forgotten" instrument or chauffeuring her here and there. But now and then, after their parents went to bed, mom and Katie would signal on their shared wall with one of their secret knocks to rendezvouz in the kitchen for a late night snack and chat session, where they would catch up on things and brainstorm over the problems that week.

They are eerily similar in so many ways yet they have enough differences to keep things exciting! Mom admires Katie's outgoing personality and her thoughtful nature. Katie is always thinking of others. Mom believes that is one of the reasons she has gone into medicine - to help people. In my very first post, you may recall that mom is in awe of Katie's preserverence. She decided at a young age to go into a medical profession and never wavered. She made it happen.

People are often surprised - sometimes shocked - to hear that they communicate with each other pretty much every day. If it's not a phone call, it's an IM or text message. Mom says there is no burden or aggravation that is not eased after talking it out with Katie. That's what sisters are for and mom is SO grateful to be able to depend on hers as she does. She feels blessed to have such a wonderful relationship, as she is learning this closeness is sadly not the norm. Some are merely two women sharing the same set of parents.

Katie represents a unique blend of mom's past, present and future. She knows all of the trouble mom got into as a youngster - breaking the bunk bed, spilling a bottle of bright nail polish on the guest room floor, almost setting said guest room on fire after draping a sheer scarf over a lamp while playing store, a virtually constant phobia about getting sick, etc. etc. She knows all about her day-to-day life - they keep a running dialog of what is happening at any given moment! "I'm running out to the store - back soon." "I'm going to try to tackle my taxes." And the most comforting thing is that, while no one can predict the future, they are sure they will always have this close bond.

I could go on a long time. Mom always talks about her sister. Since I'm writing this before turning in for the night, I will close with...
:: knock :: :: knock :: :: knock :: :: knock :: :: knock :: :: knock ::

Happy Birthday, Katie!


  1. Hey Z!
    My mom wanted to say thanks for the wonderful post. So many of those memories made her laugh and of course cry cause she loves your mom so much and wishes they lived closer!
    Oh and she wanted me to remind you of the secret written language they have too. GSL....GMS.....PALL....1107 etc

    :) We miss you all tons.
    Love you!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRFDAY TO YOUR AUNT K.. I hope she has a wonderful one. I am sure she will be talkin to your mom ... hehehe

    Grrrreat post about your mom and her Super Sister.



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