Monday, April 6, 2009

The One with the Dogs in an Airstream

This weekend we took our maiden voyage in the Argosy. It was SO exciting. We went to an Airstream rally on a farm. There were lots of two-leggers there but everyone was so friendly even I enjoyed myself! There were also many dogs there to visit with, which we loved.

It was incredibly windy this weekend. Phoenix and I watched closely when mom took Cali for a walk to be sure they didn't blow away!

This was the view from our window - there were horses on the farm too!

The wind made it easy for papa to fly his kite.

There were 48 (or so) trailers at the rally!

Friday night was a pot luck dinner. Later that night we dined on crab legs, which we brought in case the pot luck was mostly meat based - it is still Lent after all!

It was a long day - Phoenix was so tired.

Mom felt bad for her so she set up the bed.

Okay - so I was a little tired too!

Cali and papa were still goofing around into the night.

Saturday there was an open house. We saw some really cool vintage Airstreams and some modern ones too!

We opened our trailer too and got helpful advice on some of our questions.

The weekend turned about to be a blast! Mom and papa were so proud of how well we behaved. Especially me! I was cautious as usual but not fearful or whiny. And Phoenix... well she barked at first - of course - but did have fun. She just wanted to talk to everyone. The second day she seemed to understand how things worked and was less chatty. Cali LOVED it. She played with kids and hugged all of the two-leggers. People were calling her a trained bear since she - well - looks like a bear!




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