Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The One with April Showers

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Nothing but rain today. The plants and flowers are growing before our very eyes! We stayed warm and dry inside following mom up and down the stairs as she repeatedly went from the printer to the dining room table where her work was spread out on the table, chairs and floor! You'll all be pleased to know that she is now AHEAD of schedule. Slightly ahead and that will probably stall tomorrow but for now we're all happy and celebrating with a Big Bang Theory marathon.

Meanwhile, papa is off picking up pretzels. Cali is dreaming of Friday and Saturday when the weather returns to the 70s. And Phoenix... well Phoenix, the rain hater, is concentrating on holding off as long as she can before needing to go outside.

I'm going to go take a snooze on the couch - I have a big day tomorrow!! Stay tuned...




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